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You want your precious jewelry appraised for insurance purposes - but where to begin?  A "free" appraisal from a jewelry store sounds like a bargain, but it's actually not!  Here's why:

1) If you have an INACCURATE appraisal, you may not recover enough from an insurance claim to actually replace your piece at a fair price.

2) If you have an INCOMPLETE appraisal, what you know to be your cherished jewelry may not be how the insurer interprets the brief and incomplete description of your piece.

In either scenario, you won't receive an equal replacement for jewelry you've paid premiums to insure -- sometimes for years. 

Your cherished jewelry is worth protecting -- and the process begins with a thorough, professional appraisal. And here's a bonus: During the appraisal, we examine your jewelry for loose diamonds or stones, so that you can fix the issue BEFORE losing anything.

Trust the graduate gemologists at Fire & Facet Studios to give your jewelry the comprehensive attention it deserves.


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